About KCC Trading Standards

We aim to make Kent a better place to live and do business. We enforce a wide range of law to protect consumers and ensure that businesses compete on a level playing field.

We have an intelligence-led approach and use campaigns to establish the extent of an issue, or to target known problems. This benefits the whole community by concentrating activities on those issues causing the most problems.
We record all information supplied to us, as this is a vital part of our intelligence gathering.
To help make your community a safer place to live, you can pass on information to us, anonymously, by contacting Trading Standards (via Citizens Advice Consumer Service) on 03454 04 05 06.

Fair & Safe Trading Environment Promote and develop a fair and safe trading environment which allows legitimate businesses to succeed, flourish and expand which also gives consumers confidence in them.
Crime & Disorder Contribute to reducing the risk of crime and disorder in the community, restricting access for children and young people to harmful and age-restricted products by working with partners to reduce the impact of alcohol in the community. To restrict the market for stolen goods in Kent, we use the Kent County Council Act, in partnership with Kent Police.
Rogue Traders Take effective action against rogue traders, especially those involved in door-to-door sales. Protect consumers from traders who use any means to deliberately take advantage or mislead consumers.
Advice, Education & Information Provide advice and information to Kent businesses and consumers. Provide advice and education to consumers, especially those most at risk, to empower all members of the community to make informed choices.
Food Safety Contribute to protecting the security and traceability of the food chain, including the safety of the end product.
Licensing Ensure dangerous goods kept under KCC issued licences are stored correctly and safely to prevent danger to the community, especially fireworks and petrol.
Animal Health Prevent the spread of animal disease and take action in relation to instances of unnecessary suffering in livestock at critical control points and in transit.


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