Product recall: Choco Creation Fruit Mix (TK Maxx and HomeSense)

2015 08 20- Coco Creation Fruit mix

Choco Creation Fruit Mix – safety notice//

Size: 200g, Lot: 5132, Best Before Date: 19/11/15

Size: 200g, Lot: 5174, Best Before Date: 18/01/16

Choco Creation is recalling the above product from the market as a precautionary measure. Due to a production error, some packs may contain chocolate coated peanuts.

The pack is labelled with the warning “may contain traces of peanuts and nuts” and is safe to consume by people with no peanut allergy. People with a peanut allergy are advised not to consume this product.

Customers who purchased this product are invited to return it to any TK Maxx or HomeSense store for a full refund. Proof of purchase is not required.

This only affects the 200g packs with Lot Numbers 5132 (BBD 19/11/15) and 5174 (BBD 18/01/16). The product was on sale at TK Maxx and HomeSense stores between June and July 2015.

For further enquiries please call Customer Service on 01923 473561 or email  


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