Product Recall: Disney Gadget Pencil Cases

2015 08 10- Disney Gadget pencil cases

Product: Gadget Pencil Cases

(featuring either Cars, Princess, Star Wars Rebels, Avengers, Cinderella or Big Hero 6) sold exclusively at the Disney Store since October 2014.

The Gadget Pencil Case has two magnets that are used to close the lid of the product that can become loose and if ingested could present a hazard to children.

The safety of our Guests is of utmost importance and as a precautionary measure The Disney Store are conducting a voluntary recall.

What you should do:

Guests should immediately take this item away from children and return the Gadget Pencil Case to your nearest Disney Store for a full refund.

The product can also be returned free of charge for a full refund via our Guest Service Centre who can be contacted on:

Freephone: +44 (0) 800 014 9648


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

For further information please contact +44 (0) 800 014 9648.


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