Product recall: Panasonic / KTM bike battery


We have been informed by our supplier PANASONIC that there may have been manufacturing errors in the battery listed above. Panasonic believes that there is 1 defective battery in 150,000 units. An affected battery may overheat or spark, which can generate smoke and flames.

In agreement with Panasonic, KTM Fahrrad GmbH is recalling all batteries that could potentially exhibit the manufacturing errors described.

Please note that only a limited number of Panasonic NKY442B2 batteries are affected these can be identified very clearly. Only batteries with a serial number starting with RA16 and RA17 are affected by the recall.

If an affected battery (RA16 or RA17) is identified by an end customer, it must be removed from the bike immediately. This battery must not be used or recharged until it is exchanged.

If you have any personal questions regarding this product recall process, please use the hotline: +49 30 920 360 110


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